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Paris’s most important service is the protection of your garments and furs:

Come see for yourself our three huge vaults, they do not exist in other companies. $10.00 Plus cleaning cost, one ruined cashmere sweater would cover the entire cost. The illusion that cedar closets protect is short lived. They smell nice, have a life span under three years and are not effective due to the fact that total concealment is not possible.Moth balls contain paradichlorobenzene that produce a vapor that, in high concentration, will kill insects only if it is in an airtight container. The Vapor will weakly repel adult clothes moths but will not kill any larvae already in the woolens. Its odor repulsive. Moths are selective, they prefer cashmere and wool. If the food residue remains, you have taken a moth to lunch. The solution is Paris storage.

Furs are cleaned every five years. We vacuum clean and repair. all cleaning on hangers ready to pick up at anytime as needed. Call (217) 522-3313 for details.