..... everything back,
except the dirt.



With over a century of experience in dry cleaning,
a dedication to quality, and hands-on attention to detail,
Paris helps you continue to enjoy your favorite clothing, household linens and family heirlooms!

The next time you begin to wash an item you value, and question as to how it should be done, pause and call Paris at 217-522-3313 or drop it off at a convenient Paris location.

Many garments can and should be safely Professionally Wet Cleaned to protect your investment, save you time and aggravation, and preserve your favorite clothing for future enjoyment. Paris has remodeled and expanded our Professional Wet Cleaning area, and our increased capacity means your fine garments are cleaned even better than before.

The Paris 13 process we use to remove both day-to-day and difficult stains is what makes Paris Springfield’s Professional Cleaning choice - and your choice for cleaning your valuable possessions.